Ticket Guidelines

For basic understanding: We use tickets for bug documentation, not for work coordination! If someone assigns a ticket to you, read it and fix it or reassign it to nobody if you don't want to fix it.

We have three trackers at SourceForge:

  • Bug tracker for bugs in Saros
  • Feature tracker for feature request
  • Documentation issue tracker for documentation improvements

We use seven statuses in our ticket trackers

Status Meaning
unread The initial state. The ticket was created and has no owner
open If the ticket has an owner
open-accepted The owner accepts the ticket and will fix
pending-fixed The task is done but need to be verified by someone else
closed-fixed Ticket was verified and the task is done
pending-wontfix Defect in 3rd party software and there is no way to fix it or it's to expensive to fix it
rejected Use this if the reported bug isn't a bug
closed-outofdate Bug found in an older version or is already fixed

We use these priorities

Priority Meaning
9 Has to be fixed immediately!
8 Has to be fixed in the next release.
7 Should be fixed in the next release. If not there should be a reason why.
6 Should be fixed some day
5-2 not used
1 Not prioritized yet. Project or technical manager has to do this.