Commit and push your change

Make sure you have the permission for pushing . In case you don't have it yet, ask on the mailinglist for permission.

  1. Add change to the index

    Right click on the file(s) you changed and select Team Add to Index to add the files to the index.
    This moves the change into the index and marks the new version as to be committed.

  2. Commit

    Right click on the file(s) you indexed and click Team Commit... to commit the files.

  3. Writing a commit message

    Make sure that the Gerrit option is enabled (marked red in top left corner) and that a line with Change-Id is in the editor field. You must not edit this line, just make sure it's there. Follow our Guidelines for writing the commit message.

    The format of the author and committer must be "John Doe <>"!
    Not " johnd <john.doe@...>" or " johnny <john.doe@...>" or "John <john.doe@...>"

    Confirm your commit by pressing Commit to create a local commit .

  4. Push

    Right click on Saros and select Team Remote Push...

  5. Select Target

    Select the Configured remote repository as the target for your changes and continue by pressing the Next button.

  6. Add push specification

    Fill in

    • Source ref: HEAD
    • Destination ref: refs/for/master

    and click Add Spec.

    Make sure you don't select refs/heads/master from the list. There is a subtle difference between these two: You are not pushing commits directly to a branch, but for review for a branch (see Gerrit's documentation for more information on that).
    Note that the screenshots below still show the deprecated "refs/for/sandbox". Please read it as "refs/for/master".

  7. Select Branch

    Now your local HEAD will be pushed to the remote branch refs/for/master. Press Next to continue.

  8. Push Confirmation

    Review what and where things are pushed and Finish

  9. Push Result

    The result should include a set of change numbers of the Gerrit system.

  10. See your change in Gerrit

    Log in to Gerrit and there you can see your change.