Setting your name and email address for using Gerrit

You will need to set your name and email address. Git has a very simple configuration format. You will need to set the keys to your real name and to the one you set in Gerrit. The below procedure will show you how to do it and then you are ready to make local commits.


Set to your real name (not Gerrit username)

Set to your e-mail address (the one used in Gerrit)


  1. Open the preferences

    Select WindowPreferences

  2. Open the Git Configuration

    Search for git and select the Configuration page. Press the Add Entry... button to add new entries.

  3. Add an entry for your name

    Fill in

    • Key:
    • Value: Your real name, not your Gerrit username (e.g. "John Doe" instead of "jdoe")

    and press OK

  4. Add an entry for your email address

    Press the again Add Entry... and fill in

    • Key:
    • Value: Your email address in Gerrit

    and press OK

  5. Check your configuration

    Make sure your Configuration window looks like this and continue by pressing OK

Now your EGit knows your email address and your user name in Gerrit but for a complete authentification it also needs your public SSH key. If you don't have an SSH key yet don't worry, the next chapter explains how to generate a key and configure it.