Someone uploaded a change to Gerrit. How can I test this change?

Another developer has made some changes and uploaded them to Gerrit. You might want to take a closer look in your IDE. The EGit plugin has support to make that very easy. The guide below will lead you through the necessary steps to fetch a change from Gerrit into a new local branch.

  1. Select Fetch from Gerrit

    Right click on your project Saros and select TeamRemote Fetch From Gerrit...

  2. Fetch list of Changes

    Click on the Change field and use CTRL+SPACE to fetch a list of available changes.

  3. Select a change from the dropdown list

    Select the change you want to modify. The entry "750 - 1" represents the 1st patch set of change no. 750, i.e.

  4. Select a change from the dropdown

    After selecting a change the wizard will fill in the matching Git refspec, e.g. refs/changes/50/750/1.
    EGit will create and checkout the change in a new branch. Click Finish

  5. Wait

    This may take some time.

  6. Switched to local branch

    EGit will indicate that it switched to your new branch.