Get Saros source code

Now you need to check out the source code of Saros for making changes on the code. The following procedure will explain the process.

  1. Begin

    Select File Import

  2. Select import from Git

    Select Git Projects from Git and click Next

    Known issue: No option Project from Git

    You have to install EGit.
  3. Select Repository Source

    If you use Eclipse 3.7.1 this dialog looks different and you get an information dialog telling you that the environtment variable HOME is not set. Confirm this information by clicking OK and click Clone... in the Select a Git Repository dialog. Then you can proceed with the next step 4. Source Git Repository.

    Select URI and click Next

  4. Source Git Repository

    Fill in

    1. URI: ssh://
    2. User: Your user name in Gerrit
    3. Password: Leave the password field blank!

    and click Next

    Known issue: Transport Error Auth fail

    If you get a Transport Error "Auth fail" dialog check your user name (has to be the one you entered in Gerrit) and your SSH key.

  5. Question

    Confirm that you want connect to the host by clicking Yes

  6. Select the branch

    Click Deselect All, select the master branch and continue by clicking Next

  7. Select local destination

    Decide where to store the cloned Git repository. The proposed directory should work and press Next

  8. Cloning the repository

    Progress of downloading the repository is shown. This may take some time.

  9. Select project directory

    Select Import existing projects and import the top level directory Working Directory and continue by pressing Next

  10. Import projects

    Select at least

    • de.fu_berlin.inf.dpp.core
    • de.fu_berlin.inf.dpp.ui
    • de.fu_berlin.inf.dpp.ui.frontend
    • Saros

    to import and click Finish

    If you like: a project overview

    de.fu_berlin.inf.dpp.ui.widgetGallery SWT widgets used in Saros
    de.fu_berlin.inf.dpp.whiteboard Concurrent drawing tool for communicating topics graphically
    de.fu_berlin.inf.nebula Supplemental custom SWT widgets and other UI components. For further information look at their website.
    de.fu_berlin.inf.dpp.core These are the IDE-independent parts of Saros
    de.fu_berlin.inf.dpp.intellij Saros for IntelliJ / JetBrains IDEA
    Saros that's Saros (for Eclipse)
    Saros Beta Update Site Just the beta update site
    Saros Misc Saros images and networking tools
    Saros Update Site Just the update site

    Known issue: Build errors

    If you have about 80 build errors you probably forgot to install Subclipse. If you have about 2500 build errors you probably don't use Eclipse Classic or Eclipse RAP/RCP and should install PDE/API Tools plug-in from the repository. If you have around 7 errors of the type "Unbound  classpath variable: 'IntelliJ Lib/..." you need to set up Saros IntelliJ for Eclipse.

Now you have a copy of the Saros source code on your local hard drive. The next chapter will explain you how to run your local Saros code.