Install Saros


  • Saros requires Java SE 6 or higher
  • Saros is developed and tested using Eclipse 3.6 and 3.7. It should work on any newer version; it may or may not work with older versions.
  • Saros ought to run on all platforms that can execute Eclipse cleanly. 
  • If you want to try Saros, you may use our public XMPP/Jabber server However, if you want to use Saros for commercial purposes, we recommend setting up your own XMPP server for maximum control over all exchanged data.
  • The whiteboard feature is based on the Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF) 3.6 or higher
    • It is part of the Eclipse RCP and Eclipse EE downloads
    • Using the Saros update site (see beyond), GEF should be automatically installed.
    • You can also install it using the GEF update site

Installation Steps

Via Update Site

The Eclipse plugin update site is:

  1. Open Eclipse
  2. Open the software updates manager (Menu > Help > Install New Software)
  3. In the Available Software wizard select Add
  4. Enter in the Location field; press OK
  5. Choose the plugin in the the list of available software and select it
  6. In the next window select Next to confirm installation
  7. Accept the license agreement and select Finish
  8. Restart Eclipse

As Dropin

  1. Download the saros-dropin-*version*.zip from Sourceforge.
  2. If not already available, download the Graphical Editing Framework
  3. Uncompress the archives into the dropins folder of your Eclipse installation.
  4. Restart Eclipse.

Good to know

  • The last version tested with Java SE 5 was DPP 10.6.25.r2236
  • Saros is by-and-large compatible with almost all other Eclipse plug-ins.
  • We have tested it successfully with sizeable Eclipse installations with substantial numbers of plug-ins (see compatible plugins.)
  • In our tests, we mainly use Windows (sometimes Vista, mostly and 7), Linux (Ubuntu) and Mac OS X (10.6). In Mac OS X 10.6 you will need Eclipse 3.5 64bit version
  • Please note that Saros requires much higher bandwidth and lower latency than normal chatting, so public chat servers may be too slow for smooth operation of Saros.