A change was integrated to master. How can I update my local code?

You have started your work, created a local branch based on the last commit of origin/master. During the time you made your changes and now some other changes were integrated into origin/master and you want to update. This can be done by combining two operations. The first is Git fetch to fetch all changes from the origin into your local Git repository. This operation will update the origin/master branch to the state of the remote Git repository. The second operation is Git rebase. This will move any local commits to the new origin/master. The operation is called Git rebase because your local changes will be moved from the old state of origin/master to the current state of it. During the Git rebase local commits can vanish as they are already included, or you can end with a conflict. In that case you will be presented with multiple options, to abort the rebase, to skip (remove) the commit that caused the conflict or to attempt to merge it using the mergetool. Once you have resolved the conflicts use TeamRebase Continue to continue with the next local Git commit.

  1. Fetch from Upstream

    Right click on Saros and select TeamFetch from Upstream

  2. Result

    An overview with changes appear.

  3. Begin Rebase

    Right click on Saros and select TeamRebase

  4. Select Branch

    Select the branch you want to rebase against.

  5. Conflict

    On conflict a dialog will ask you to make a decision on how to resolve it. Once it is resolved select TeamRebaseContinue Rebase in the context menu to continue with the next commit.

  6. Abort

    Your branch is now based on the new origin/master