How to set up Saros for running local STF tests?

First you need to create accounts for testing. The registration time out is about 15 minutes. Then you have to create the file in the package de.fu_berlin.inf.dpp.stf.client (Sourcefolder: test/framework/stf/src). Add these lines to it (make sure every tester has an unique JID):

ALICE_JID = <insert user here>
ALICE_PASSWORD = <insert password here>
ALICE_HOST = localhost
ALICE_PORT = 12345

BOB_JID = <insert user here>
BOB_PASSWORD = <insert password here>
BOB_HOST = localhost
BOB_PORT = 12346

CARL_JID = <insert user here>
CARL_PASSWORD = <insert password here>
CARL_HOST = localhost
CARL_PORT = 12347

DAVE_JID = <insert user here>
DAVE_PASSWORD = <insert password here>
DAVE_HOST = localhost
DAVE_PORT = 12348

After you have created this file you can run Saros and run STF tests.