How to run Saros STF tests locally?

  1. STF tests only run in Eclipse Classic 3.7. Not in newer Eclipse versions!
  2. Set up your STF configuration file
  3. Make sure your local Saros project has the name "Saros"
  4. Start the requiered launch configurations which are located in the directory test/resources/launch by right clicking the launch file and chose Run AsSaros_STF_[name]. This will start a new Eclipse instance with the selected launch configuration.
    You only need to run the appropriate launch file(s). E.g. the test in the package de.fu_berlin.inf.dpp.stf.test.account only needs the tester ALICE. In this case you only need to start Saros_STF_Alice.
  5. Right click on the test you want to run and select Run AsJUnit test

  6. After the tests were performed your JUnit view schould look like this (no errors, no failures)