User States

During the Invitation Process every user traverses a few states before he is a full member of the session. The following diagram shows these transitions.


Users that are currently not in a session are in the initial state outOfSession. In this state they don't receive Activities from other users. The state changes when the user gets invited to a session. This is done by the Session Negotiation.


Once the user finished the Session Negotiation he enters the state inSession. This state signals that the user is part of the running session but doesn't have the shared projects yet. While in this state the user can see all other participants and can be seen by them. He is also able to chat with other participants. He can accept some Activities but can't process IResourceActivities as he doesn't have the projects yet. The user leaves this state during a certain point in the following Project Negotiation.


Once the Host has sent the startQueuing-MESSAGE the new user starts to queue any IResourceActivity. The user is now in the state isQueuing. As soon as the user entered this state he receives IResourceActivities from all participants but instead of executing them he just puts them into a queue.


The queued Activities are executed as soon as the Host has sent all missing projects and the new user finished the Project Negotiation.


From that moment on the new user is a full member of the session and has reached the final state hasProjects.


A user can return from every state to the initial state outOfSession by leaving the session or canceling the Session or Project Negotiation.