Build SarosNetbeans just with Ant

Quick overview:

  • Netbeans doesn't support headless builds for Ant-based modules. The build script needs to know where to find the platform in order to use its modules and custom Ant tasks.
  • Therefore the platform must be downloaded first and properties have to be set which allow the build script to locate and use the platform.
  • To accomplish the download and the configuration you are going to need a second Ant script. The existing module's build.xml cannot be adapted since it relies on the very properties that have yet to be set.  
  • Andrew Bythell provided the configure.xml script at his website The script was adapted and saved in the SarosNetbeans root directory.   
  • Perform the following steps to Build and Run SarosNetbeans just with Ant.
  1. Download and configure the platform
  2. Build the application
  3. Run the application
  4. Remove the downloaded platform

Download and configure the platform

  • Open the Command Prompt, switch to the SarosNetbeans root directory and run “ant -f configure.xml"

  • After the command was executed you can see the downloaded platform.


Build the application

  • Run “ant create-platform" to build the Plugin.


Run the application

  • Use “ant run" to run the Plugin.

Remove the downloaded platform

  • Run “ant -f configure.xml clean” to remove the platform.