Our workflow

In the previous chapters we installed EGit for using Git and Subclipse for building Saros. For further information about Git you can take a look at the first three chapters of this online book. Now let's have a look at our overall workflow:

  1. After installing EGit you will need to Git clone the Saros repository to get the Saros source code, then you can make local changes, create branches, move files, etc.
  2. Your local commits can be pushed from your local Git repository to the Gerrit system.
  3. The changes can now be reviewed in Gerrit by the Saros team. Besides, the Jenkins CI system will be triggered and will test your change and report back to Gerrit.
  4. Once the change is approved it can be submitted and will be merged into the official Git repository.

Code, Review and Test workflow

In the next chapters you will log in to Gerrit and configure your Eclipse so it can interact with Gerrit system.