Related Work

Make sure to check-out the following tools for Distributed Collaborative Programming:

  • CCCP - Common Colaborative Coding Protocol (an infrastructure only, not an interactive tool)
  • Codassium - browser-based editor and video chat (single files only)
  • Codenvy - commercial browser-based IDE
  • Cloud9 - commercial browser-based IDE (formerly Ace, formerly Mozilla Skywriter, formerly Bespin)
  • DocShare - Eclipse plugin (shares individual files only)
  • Gobby - standalone program editor using the Obby protocol
  • Floobits - commercial solution for multiple editors (IntelliJ, Sublime Text, Emacs, Vim, a webbased editor and many more (expanding) features)
  • SubEthaEdit - Mac OS program editor (commercial, not an IDE)
  • TMUX, wemux, ls-pair, twemux, and webpair all revolve around sharing a text terminal session
Tools that are apparently not being further developed: