Technical Documentation

Here you will find all technical information about Saros. On the one hand we offer you to read about the specification and on the other hand we offer you some guidelines.

  • Specification
    • Overview
      Gives you an overview of the single components of the specification.
    • Concurrency
      The Layer is in charge of synchronizing the activities of users in a Saros session, detecting inconsistencies between the users' workspaces, and repairing these synchronization issues.
    • Eclipse Bridge
      With the Eclipse Bridge Saros connects to existing Eclipse components and expands them (e.g. capturing local text editing events and replaying remote ones).
    • Feedback
      This module gathers information about the usage of each Saros session if the user has enabled this option during the installation. It also directs the user to a survey frequently.
    • Invitation
      Is used to establish a Saros session between users and to share projects and files. There is one host and at least one participant in a Saros session.
    • Network Layer
      Is responsible for connecting users of Saros to each other and for the data transfer between them. It is based on the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP).
    • Shared Session
      Represents all necessary information needed for a Saros session. It also includes the communication using chat or VoIP and the screen sharing within a session.
    • User Interface
      Provides Saros' own components for the communication between Saros and the users such as viewers, menus and its commands.
  • Guidelines
    Please also read about our guidelines. You really need to follow them.