Note: This is an alpha feature and not intended for general use yet. However please feel free to play around and give some initial feedback. Contributers to the Saros-Server project are very welcome and might want to take a look at contribution wiki for further information.


The use-case of the server is to host session independently of any participant. As it takes the role of the session-host any participant may leave or join the session at any time.


The Saros-Server is currently available in version 0.1.0 as a standalone jar on our Github Releases.

The server needs it’s own XMPP account and can then be started via: java -Dsaros.server.password=1234 -jar saros.server.jar

It will host one Saros-Session, that can be joined via Saros/E:

  • add the server JID to your contact list
  • right-click your newly added contact
  • click “Request Session Invitation

You may share projects with the server as usual.


By default Saros-Server will create a workspace folder in a temporary folder to store projects. You may specify your own folder via saros.server.workspace.

E.g.: java -Dsaros.server.password=1234 -Dsaros.server.workspace=/home/user/workspace -jar saros.server.jar

Warning: Be aware that you should not trust the server with existing projects, as this is still an alpha version. For example there is a known issue with multiple projects having the same name, as the server will happily overwrite the existing project as it is assuming the name is unique.

Interactive Mode

The server can optionally provide an interactive console via setting saros.server.interactive to true/yes/y.


$ java -Dsaros.server.interactive=yes -Dsaros.server.password=1234 -jar saros.server.jar

# ... omitted log messages

# Welcome to Saros Server (type 'help' for available commands)
> help
invite <JID>... - Invite users to session
share <PATH>... - Share projects relative to the workspace with session participants
help - Print this help
quit - Quit Saros Server

This is mostly intended for debugging/developing.