Let’s gather some impressions of Saros/E.


There are several features that enable you to remain aware of what your collaborators are doing.

  1. Marked files, which users with write-access have open (yellow) or visible (green).
  2. Current text selected by another user.
  3. Text changed by another user (by default, the last twenty edits are marked).
  4. Current view scope of other users (i.e. what portion of a file can they see).

The main components of the Saros interface.

  1. The users in the current session. Notice how their color here matches their annotations in the editor.
  2. The contact list, where all the people known to you are kept.
  3. The chat window. Here you can send instant messages to everyone in the current session.

As Saros/I is still in its early alpha stages and the UI is still actively being changed, we haven’t gotten around to create this page yet.