Create and configure an SSH key for using Gerrit

You can create SSH keys using Eclipse. The following procedure will explain the process. Gerrit needs the SSH key to authenticate you. If you already have an SSH key and configured your Eclipse proceed to step 5.

  1. Open the preferences

    Select WindowPreferences

  2. Select the SSH Configuration

    Search for ssh and select the SSH2 page.

  3. Switch to the Key Management and generate a RSA key

    Switch to the tab Key Managment and click Generate RSA Key. An SSH key should appear in the underneath box.
    Copy this key! You will need to paste it into Gerrit!

  4. Save the Key

    Click Save Private Key to store the new keypair. This will require clicking a couple of times.

  5. Paste your SSH key into Gerrit

    Navigate to the SSH Public Keys settings page in Gerrit, paste your public SSH key and click Add

You're almost done! In the next chapter we will load the Saros source code into your Eclipse.