Abandon your change in Gerrit

  1. Log in to Gerrit

    Log in to Gerrit and click on your change. You can identify your change by the subject, your name in the Owner column and the branch sandbox.


  2. Abandon or submit your patchset

    Click Abandon Change to abandon your change.

    Normally you would wait for the approval of your change. Then you would click Rebase Change (if it's necessary) and Submit Change.
    If you can't see the Submit Change button then your not in the submitter group (ask on the mailing list for access).
    You have to abandon your change because this is only a tutorial.

  3. Add an abandon message

    Add a meaningful abandon message and click Abandon Change

  4. See the change

    Navigate in Gerrit to AllAbandoned and you will see your abandoned change.

Congratulations! You have finished your first steps into Saros development! You can go on learning about Saros by taking a tour through the Saros source code or just browse the technical documentation to learn more about the architecture and components of Saros.