I messed up my local copy of Saros. How can I reset/clean up/revert my changes?

  1. Enter Contextmenu

    Right click on Saros and select TeamReset.

  2. Select reset type

    Select the branch you want reset your local code to. The default is the last commit. Select the reset type hard. This will reset your local files and your index.

  3. Confirm

    Confirm the reset by clicking Yes

  4. Clean tree

    If the Package Explorer does not indicate any modification (like in the screenshot) you're done.
    If there are still modifications you added news files to your working directory that are not part of the repository. Git reset won't delete them so you must delete them manually. Go on reading this chapter to remove them.

    Hint: File modifications

    In the bottom left corner of each resource in your Package Explorer are so called Icon Decorators. These little helpers indicate the state of a file (eg. staged, dirty). You should read more about them.

  5. Enter Contextmenu

    Right click on Saros and then TeamSynchronize Workspace

  6. Switch perspective

    Confirm moving to the Team Synchronizing perspective by clicking Yes

  7. Delete files

    Right click the files you want to remove and select Delete.

  8. Confirm

    Confirm your deletion by clicking OK

  9. No changes left

    As you can see there are no changes left.