Run your Saros

  1. Click Run

    Select Saros in the Package Explorer and click on Run.

  2. Select configuration

    Select Saros_STF_Alice and click OK

    You only need to do this once. Next time you click Run the configuration Saros_STF_Alice will be started automatically.

    Known issue: Other dialog displayed

    If you see this dialog, than you probably dont't use Eclipse Classic. You can fix this problem by installing PDE/API Tools plug-in from the repository. It's the same procedure like Install Subclipse but with another URI.Run As dialog
  3. Eclipse starting

    Now a new instance of Eclipse with your Saros is starting.

  4. Check Saros

    In the 2nd instance of Eclipse you should see the Saros view. Congratulation! You have just started the developer version of Saros.
    Debug messages and so on won't be displayed in this instance! They are displayed in your parent Eclipse instance.

You can close your Eclipse instance with Saros. In the next chapter we will make our first change to Saros.