Saros for IntelliJ IDEA

Historically, Saros is an Eclipse plugin, and we are working on a version for IntelliJ. The development is work in progress, but here is a screenshot!

Currently Saros for IntelliJ has the basic Saros functionality, but they are rather unstable:

  • Starting sessions
  • Sharing modules
  • Concurrently working on shared files
  • Concurrently adding, deleting or moving files (broken, disabled for release 0.1.0)
  • Contribution/selection annotations
  • Follow mode. (unstable, disabled for release 0.1.0)

How to use Saros/I

Saros/I can currently only be run from the master, as described here. To work around some of the shortcomings:

  • User account management is not implemented in Saros/I. The easiest way to go is to create your XMPP accounts in Saros/E or another Jabber clients and add buddies as you need. Then you can login to your existing user account from Saros/I and get your contact list.
  • Modules have to be one level below the project root to be recognized by Saros/I.
  • Modules have to have exactly one content root that is also located one level below the project root.
  • Only single modules can be completely shared, no partial sharing, no multiple modules or adding modules to running sessions.

Get involved

There is still lots of work to be done! A lot of features from Saros for Eclipse are missing and it is not yet ready for production use.

You want to contribute? Great!