Someone discovered an error/failure/typo. How can I upload a new patch set?

  1. Fetch from Gerrit

    Right click Saros and select TeamRemoteFetch from Gerrit...

  2. Fetch list of changes

    Gerrit hint

    You can determine the change number of a change from the individual change page in the download command. You can also just take the URI from there.

    Click on the Change field and use CTRL+Space to fetch a list of available changes. The format is the change number, followed by the patch set.
    You can also enter the URI directly use e.g. refs/changes/47/47/3, the format is to give the last two digits of the change, followed by the complete change number and then select the patch set you want.

  3. Select a change from the dropdown list

    Select the change you want to modify. After selecting a change the number will be replaced with the URI of the change. In the string "mmm - n" the mmm stands for the change number and n for the n-th patch set of this change.

  4. Pick a local branch name

    Select a name for the local branch. EGit will create and checkout the change in a new branch. Click Finish

  5. Start your modification

    Now you are on the branch that contains your previous change. You are now able to do the desired modification.

  6. Open commit dialog

    Once you are done with your modification, right click on your project Saros and select TeamCommit...

  7. Amending your commit

    Press the amend button (left circle in the top right corner). The Gerrit button (right circle in the top right corner) will activate automatically.
    This will combine your new and old change. The commit dialog will automatically pick the commit message from the previous commit and at its change ID. Gerrit needs the change ID to identify the this commit as a new patch set and not as a new change. You can also edit your commit message, if you like. Click Commit
    This will create a local commit of your change.

  8. Open push dialog

    Right click Saros and select TeamRemotePush...

  9. Pushing your commits

    Select Configured remote repository and click Next

  10. Enter push specifications

    Fill in

    • Source ref HEAD
    • Destination ref refs/for/master

    and click Add Spec

  11. Press Next

    Press Next

  12. Press Finish

    Review where your change is going to be pushed and click Finish

  13. Push result

    You just pushed a new patch set to the Gerrit system and you can review it in Gerrit.

Now you can see your submitted patch set in Gerrit and delete your unused branch.