Get Saros

See the installation documentation for Eclipse and IntelliJ (and IntelliJ platform based IDEs) for more information about prerequisites and more detailed installation instructions.

See latest release notes about the current release:

  • Saros for Eclipse (Saros/E): 16.0.1
  • Saros for IntelliJ (Saros/I): 0.3.0

Eclipse Update Site

Drag to your running Eclipse* workspace. *Requires Eclipse Marketplace Client

Update site

Eclipse Dropin

Find latest release in GitHub

JetBrains Plugin Repository

You can install the plugin through the JetBrains plugin repository. This requires the alpha release channel. More information can be found here.

IntelliJ (and IntelliJ-platform-based IDEs) Zip

Find latest release in GitHub

Development Builds

For every push to the master branch, a development build is created and released as part of a GitHub action. These development builds are kept for 90 days after the action was run.