Saros for Eclipse 16.0.0 Release Notes

:tada: We are happy to announce Saros for Eclipse 16.0.0 :tada:

The new Saros for Eclipse 16.0.0 contains multiple bug fixes and improvements.


Saros for Eclipse 16.0.0 requires

  • JDK 8 or newer
  • Eclipse 4.6 (Neon) or newer


Saros for Eclipse 16.0.0 is compatible with Saros for Eclipse 16.0.1.


If you find any issue with Saros, please report it in our issue tracker. In case you are not sure whether you found a bug or simply want to talk about Saros, ask us at Gitter.


Beside multiple internal reworks, bug fixes and improvements we also removed our Whiteboard. It was to brittle and does not fit into our plan to support further Editors/IDEs in the future.


  • The .git directory is now ignored by default during a session (#922).
  • Disable the “Add Contacts” Context Menu Item for Offline Contacts (#19)
  • Rename “Jabber ID” to “XMPP Account” (#22)
  • Simplify reuse of existing projects (#66)
  • Add XStream security framework setup (#209)

Fixed Bugs

  • Removing a file and re-creating it leads to an error (#223)
  • Dirty editor is not always closed when file is deleted (#758)
  • “Finish” button of “Start Saros Configuration” is unresponsive (#676)
  • Project names with trailing numbers are truncated in Wizard (#61)
  • EditorManager may fire duplicate partActivated events (#392)
  • Make Balloons not overlap editorparts (#28)
  • Contribution annotation does not disappear (#32)
  • Strange behaviour of Connection configurations in ConfigurationSettingsWizardPage (#456)
  • Warning dialog upon reusing an existing project is misleading (#65)
  • The “Work Together On..” dropdown list contains only the first project (#469)
  • Add Jupiter-Heartbeats via TimestampOperations (#397)