Awareness Information


The Saros view’s session list shows which participant is currently following whom.

follower list

If you are following another participant you see something like:

followee list

File Navigation

In the package explorer:

  • active file A colored dot decorates the file that a participant has currently in focus. The color resembles the color of the active user. If multiple users have the same file focused, the dot will turn grey (multiple active file).
  • shared file A blue arrow decorates a file that is shared with other participants.

editor focus

In the Saros view’s session list shows which participant has which editor focused.


cursor annotation

The position of a participant’s cursor appears in the file and the character behind the cursor is highlighted with the corresponding color.


selection annotation

Any text selected by a participant also appears highlighted in the file.


contribution annotation

If a participant writes something, their text will appear highlighted in their color.


contribution annotation

On the right side of editors you can see colored bars representing the viewports of each user. These show which part of the file each user can see.