Change User Colors

Currently, Saros internally has the concept of 5 user colors that will be used locally. These will be negotiated and assigned to the session participants when a session is started. As a consequence, the other user in a two-user-session will not necessarily have the user color 1.

Steps to change the color

Saros uses the Eclipse “Annotations” for highlighting your partners’ activities and contributions. Therefore, the preferences are not located at the Saros preferences page.

  • Open "Window" > "Preferences".
  • Select "General" > "Editors" > "Text Editors" > "Annotoations" (or enter “Annotations” in the search field in the upper left corner).
  • Scroll down in the list of “Annotation types” until you find the entries starting with Saros User.
  • Select the entry you would like to change.
  • Make sure to change the color of all entries of one user:
    • Saros User 1 Contribution - Defines how the changes of user 1 are highlighted.
    • Saros User 1 Selection - Defines how the code selected by user 1 is highlighted.
    • Saros User 1 Viewport - Defines how the viewport of user 1 is highlighted.

This is an alpha. See here for restrictions.

  • Open the settings/preferences menu.
  • Navigate to "Editor" > "Color Scheme" > "Saros".
  • Select the color scheme to change the colors for.
  • Expand the user whose colors to change.
  • Choose the annotation type to change the color for.
  • Adjust the way the annotation is displayed using the options on the right.
    • These changes will be previewed in the frame on the bottom.