Saros Version Compatibility

Before inviting another user to join the session, Saros checks whether the plugin version of the invited user is compatible with the local version (i.e. the version of the session host). If the remote version is detected as incompatible with the local version, the invitation process is aborted.

The Saros plugin version is specified using the format MAJOR.MINOR.MICRO. For two Saros versions to be compatible, they have to have the same MAJOR and MINOR version number. The MICRO version number is ignored for compatibility checks.

Development Builds

For development builds of Saros, the version string is extended to include a qualifier: MAJOR.MINOR.MICRO.QUALIFIER. This qualifier contains a shortened version of the hash for the commit the build was created on.

When using such development builds (or any Saros version containing a QUALIFIER element), the complete version strings have to match (including MICRO and QUALIFIER) to be seen as compatible.

IDE Cross-Compatibility

Currently, the Saros versions for Eclipse (Saros/E) and IntelliJ IDEA (Saros/I) are not compatible with each other.