Features of Saros

Saros comes with a bundle of nice features.

Collaborative Real-Time File Editing

The core functionality of Saros is to support collaborative editing of text files.

The task of Saros is to synchronize the work at any time. 

Arbitrary Number of Participants

Saros is designed to at least work with two participants in a session - as inherent for pair programming - but there is no maximum limit of participants.

Several Concurrent Writers

All participants with write-access can edit the shared files at the same time.

Various Sharing Options

You may share multiple projects within one session. If you create, delete or rename a file/folder in a shared project, it will be created/deleted/renamed at the session’s participants as well.


For instant messaging you can use a multi-user or 1-to-1 chat. In addition, we recommend to make use of your favorite VoIP application or audio conferencing tool.

Awareness Information

As a user in a session you can see who of the other participants is where (file/region) and who just changed what.

See here for an overview of all information.


The Follow-Mode allows you to continuously observe all navigation and editing activities of your team members.

See here how to use it.

Inconsistency Detection

Saros frequently checks if your copy became out of sync with the host’s copy. In that case, Saros allows you to easily recover from this inconsistency.

See here how to use it.